The Case for Spending on Graphic Design

Every dollar counts when you’re starting a business, and the newer your startup is, the more weight every purchase seems to carry. With hardware, software and administrative expenses it can often feel like you don’t have any purchasing power left to promote your business and drive sales.

Any entrepreneur will ask themselves what’s worth spending on and what isn’t, but making those ultimate determinations isn’t easy. As a young company ourselves, we think long and hard about where our dollars go and try to maximize value whenever we can. Paying for graphic design and the creation of your company’s first logo and promotional materials is one of those areas founders think about. At Boothby Media, we believe graphic design is one of the most cost-efficient ways to improve your business quickly.

1. Investing in Your Ideas Improves Them

When we started Boothby Media, the decision to spend $12 a month on a domain name and custom email addresses was a monumental choice. We weren’t making a ton of money at the time, and it seemed like an extravagant expense. Ultimately, we decided to do it and it ended up being a key turning point for our business. Once we had spent money on our ideas and found a way to clearly put them out into the world, we felt a responsibility to ourselves to focus even more on making the business a success. The creation of your logo is a very similar experience. Once you have a clear representation of what your business stands for, we guarantee you’ll feel more tied to it. If you’re working with a great graphic designer, they’ll be able to capture the passion and energy you have for your business and find a creative way to package it into a visual product. Not only that, but you’ll also feel inspired to work even harder after investing a little bit of money into yourself and your ideas.

2. Good Design Improves Customer Trust

There’s nothing more important to any business than the relationship with their customers. Great relationships drive more business, while poor relationships often result in closure. Creating trust and legitimacy with your client is crucial, and building that rapport starts from the first interaction. Whether it’s online, at a storefront, or in a flyer or brochure, customers are constantly judging businesses based on their appearances, not their products. A generic or poorly designed company logo can put the customer relationship on the rocks before it even begins. Investing a little extra into a professionally designed logo will make your business stand out positively and get potential customers to your great product sooner.

3. A Great Logo Opens the Door to More

We live in a world with incredible marketing tools at our fingertips and the ability to get products in front millions of customers at little to no cost. As a startup, digital marketing is one of the most cost-efficient ways to reach more people and drive business. Across all these potential platforms for growth, there’s one catch. Your business only has a few seconds to stand out from all the noise and entice a customer. Now, more than ever, an engaging, well designed logo is crucial for success. Gone are the days of your ad living on a coffee table for months, instead it’s worth a finger swipe on Instagram. With a logo and ad that truly represents your company, you can still capture customer attention and take advantage of the digital marketing opportunities available today.

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